Parents branded 'branded selfish' for wanting to take care of autistic twins 'better off in instituation'

11-year-old autistic twins Jacob and Samuel Montague live at home in Graveney, Kent, United Kingdom. Parents Mark and Annie Montague also have another son John-Mark. Doctors believed the twins would never be able to speak. The family home has have to have locks on all of their doors and a high fence around their garden. They can't have any furniture in their house as it gets destroyed, eaten or thrown on the roof. The boys autism was so severe that the family were recommended to put the twins into full time institutional care. Mark and Annie chose instead to send the boys to a special needs school but sadly, the boys ended up traumatized by the experience and their behaviour got even worse (the school strapped them into wheelchairs, despite both boys being able to walk). They are now thriving after being taught at home with a pioneering Son-Rise programme, that aims to communicate with autistic people in their own world, rather than forcing them into everyone elses. Neighbours of The Montagues have helped raise money to help build a playroom in the garden to help them learn where they complete the Son Rise programme everyday. The boys behaviour is improving and they are now even starting to form words and communicate something Mark and Annie were told would never happen.